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Nadura flooring MEISTER

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Modern tiles? Or a cosy wooden floor? We say: both! The innovative Nadura floor makes this possible. Warm underfoot and natural like wood, robust and unbreakable like tiles – these properties are perfectly combined in Nadura flooring.

4 Considerably

4 Considerably different. Considerably better. The unique properties of Nadura floors are achieved by three layers bonded tightly together using pressure and heat. The core layer connects to the surface made from an extremely tough mix of wood and minerals. A special AquaSafe+ board made from special wood materials is used for the floors. Nadura backing stabilises the construction. Nadura flooring is also suitable for laying on subfloors with controlled hot water underfloor heating. Nadura ® -surface AquaStop-edge impregnation Special AquaSafe+ board * Nadura ® -backing ID 0717 - 12339 - 006 * Can be installed in humid rooms like e.g. bathrooms. This does not include outdoor areas and wet rooms, e.g. saunas, shower cubicles, steam rooms and rooms with a floor drain.

5 A class of its own! As with every MEISTER product, an innovative spirit and a sharp eye for craftsmanship go hand-in-hand with Nadura. That’s how we create products whose quality and design leave nothing to be desired. Extremely durable The high share of mineral substances gives the floor the toughness of a stone or ceramic tile. Whereas ceramic tiles split or crack when subject to impact, with Nadura only small dents or scratches result that can partly be repaired. Nadura Standard ceramic and fine stoneware tiles Pleasantly warm to the foot Due to the high share of wood fibres, body heat is drawn away slower than with ceramic or fine stoneware floors. Anti-slip The innovative surface combined with the embossed structure makes Nadura floors very anti-slip (category R9 | R10).

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