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Nadura flooring MEISTER

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Modern tiles? Or a cosy wooden floor? We say: both! The innovative Nadura floor makes this possible. Warm underfoot and natural like wood, robust and unbreakable like tiles – these properties are perfectly combined in Nadura flooring.

32 Colourful and full of

32 Colourful and full of character skirting boards you can paint yourself. In the colour of your wall? To match your furniture? Or completely different? It’s up to you: design your skirting boards totally according to your own ideas! Covered in a film that can be painted, these mouldings are prepared perfectly for you to realise your personal ideas. Let your creativity run wild! Skirting board 8 PK profile | White paintable 2222 (individual colour) A harmonious look – with floor-matched skirting boards. You quite rightly would like pure harmony within your own four walls, and that’s from the ground up. You can achieve this effortlessly with skirting boards coordinated to the colour or decor of your floor. The balanced interplay between the floor and moulding is rounded off by the impressively consistent decor from moulding to moulding. This is how good perfect harmony looks. Skirting board 8 PK profile | Slate anthracite 6332 | Imitation

33 Beautifully versatile: Skirting profiles at a glance 25 12 6 12 Skirting board Skirting board Skirting board Skirting board Quarter round Skirting board 2 PK profile 3 PK profile 5 PK profile 6 profile 7 profile 8 PK profile Skirting board 9 PK profile Skirting board 10 PK profile 10 F MK profile Skirting board 11 PK profile 11 F MK profile Skirting board 12 PK profile 2 F MK profile Skirting board 13 PK profile Skirting board 14 MK profile 14 F MK profile 70 Skirting board Skirting board Skirting board Skirting board Skirting board Skirting board 15 MK profile 16 MK profile 17 profile 18 PK profile 19 PK profile 20 PK profile 15 F MK profile PK | MK profiles: Base material MDF (PK Aqua: base material ABS) Skirting board 20 PK Aqua profile Skirting board 21 MK profile Skirting board 22 MK profile F MK profiles: Base material spruce ‘How to’: Moulding accessories To ensure that even difficult corners and edges fit perfectly, MEISTER offers internal corners, external corners, end caps and connection pieces to match many mouldings. You can find the whole range at Here, you will also find an overview of the different profiles available for aligning adjacent floor coverings or French windows, suitable radiator rosettes, door stoppers and our recommended cleaning and protective care agents.

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