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MeisterParquet. longlife

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MeisterParquet. longlife is your floor for life. Quite literally, because it is highly durable and indent-resistant – in other words, made to last!

Easy to clean In the

Easy to clean In the ultra matt lacquered variant, MeisterParquet. longlife has a highly stainresistant surface with an anti-fingerprint/ anti-footprint effect. Frequent vacuum cleaning and, if necessary, damp mopping with an appropriate cleaning product is sufficient for regular maintenance. Indent-resistant MeisterParquet. longlife is extremely durable and resilient. Thanks to its highly stable HDF middle layer, the press-in behaviour responds much better to mechanical pressure loads than parquet flooring with a standard spruce middle layer. Standard parquet flooring with spruce middle layer (3.6 mm oak covering layer) MeisterParquet. longlife with HDF middle layer (2.5 mm oak covering layer) Standard lacquer Ultra matt lacquer Duratec Nature Quiet Greater mass produces less vibrations. By using the HDF middle layer, the net weight of the planks is increased by approx. 50%. The result: fewer vibrations, less room noise – and more quiet. Spruce middle layer (approx. 540 kg / m 3 ) approx. 50 % higher net weight HDF middle layer (approx. 890 kg / m 3 )

Energy-saving Ecological 77 In contrast to standard spruce base boards, there are hardly any air pockets in the high-density HDF middle layer that might have a heat-insulating effect. As a result, the heat from the underfloor heating reaches the living space quicker and with less heat loss. Compared with a solid wood floor, the surface of MeisterParquet. longlife uses only a tenth of the amount of the valuable wood material. 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 MeisterParquet. longlife with MEISTER Silence 25 DB (0.12 m² K/W) 0.15 m² K/W Maximum value defined by Federal Association of Surface Heating and Surface Cooling e. V. (Bundesverband Flächenheizungen und Flächenkühlungen e. V.) Easy to install Our innovative locking systems ensure easy installation, a maximum-precision fit and permanent joint locks – even in a floating installation. Healthy living MeisterParquet. longlife is a natural product. It has a moisture-regulating effect and ensures a healthy living climate. The antibacterial surface provides added hygiene! ANTI- BACTERIAL SURFACE Water-resistant * Together with the tightly locking click system, the AquaStop edge impregnation prevents water from penetrating the floor and provides up to four hours of protection against standing water. *except PS 500

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