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Robust, easy to maintain, totally trendy and yet timeless – you can find your perfect room-mate with our laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has been the best-selling hard floor covering for years, and stands like no other for ease of maintenance and durability – and has been and continues to be further developed both technically and visually. All-round uncomplicated flooring that requires very little attention and with which you keep a beautiful and resistant floor for many years to come – that’s a guarantee.

6 Laminate flooring:

6 Laminate flooring: Success all-round Nature is a master of form and colour. Our claim for laminate flooring from MEISTER is to get as close to this as possible. We are only satisfied once you can no longer see the difference between the surfaces and real wood, stone or other natural models at first glance. Structures specially coordinated to the individual surfaces ensure the greatest possible degree of natural reproduction. Yet MEISTER laminate flooring is not only convincing in terms of looks. Its technical advantages are what makes the special flooring experience perfect. Diamond Pro ® -surface The special Diamond Pro surface provides special resistance against micro-scratches and abrasion and offers additional protection against wear. Antistatic finish * All laminate flooring from MEISTER also has an antistatic finish. This minimises the development of static electricity on people to < 2 kV and thus protects against a lot of discharge on metal objects, e.g. when touching a door handle. * Not available for LC 55 (S) / LD 55 (S) ** ID 1119 - 12339 - 008 ** LC 55 (S) / LD 55 (S)

7 Stain-resistant Stains on MEISTER laminate flooring caused by waterproof felt-tip pens, nail varnish, wax crayons, chalk, cooking oil, vinegar, paints and varnishes are now a thing of the past. Want to know why? Because small-scale soiling can be removed without leaving any residue using acetone, thinner or alcohol. This makes laminate unique, because this type of cleaning would damage any other type of hard flooring! Laminate is also heat resistant, just like a kitchen countertop made of the composite material HPL. AquaSafe system / AquaSafe + system All MEISTER laminate floors are water-resistant (except for LC 55 (S)/ LD 55 (S)), because they provide the comprehensive protection against humidity of the AquaSafe system or AquaSafe+ system. This consists of three effective elements that protect the floor from any moisture penetrating: Surface protection The melamine resin surface is absolutely waterproof by nature. AquaStop edge impregnation & joint tightness Together with the AquaStop edge impregnation, the specially developed and patented geometry of the click profile, which works with pre-tension, guarantees that the profile is sealed tightly and permanently. Anti-swelling base board The effective anti-swelling base board can largely prevent swelling in the event of contact with water (4 hours of protection at stagnant humidity). The “AquaSafe +” base board even offers 24-hour protection against humidity. Colour-fast The beautiful look of MEISTER laminate flooring is absolutely permanent as well: laminate flooring is one of the most colour-fast floors available. It reaches the highest level (class 8) on the so-called blue wool scale for assessing colour-fastness. This means that unlike real wood or vinyl floors, its colours remain beautiful for years even when exposed to the sun – perfect for rooms with large windows or skylights.

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