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MeisterDesign. laminate

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Robust, easy to maintain, totally trendy and yet timeless – you can find your perfect room-mate with our laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has been the best-selling hard floor covering for years, and stands like no other for ease of maintenance and durability – and has been and continues to be further developed both technically and visually. All-round uncomplicated flooring that requires very little attention and with which you keep a beautiful and resistant floor for many years to come – that’s a guarantee.


30 MeisterDesign. laminate LL 150 / LL 150 S Iceland oak 6835 Wood effect Midsummer oak 6864 Wood effect Cappuccino oak 6263 Wood effect Panopolis 6684 Decor Boathouse oak 6188 Wood effect Light boathouse oak 6259 Wood effect Light cracked oak 6258 Wood effect

31 Cracked Terra oak 6439 Wood effect Nova oak 6413 Wood effect Light field oak 6843 Wood effect Natural field oak 6844 Wood effect Cognac rustic oak 6256 Wood effect Greige farmer‘s oak 6833 Wood effect Vintage walnut 6845 Wood effect Amore walnut 6389 Wood effect Dark farm oak 6834 Wood effect

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