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Lindura® wood flooring

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Lindura® – The wood flooring revolution Sustainable. Robust. Practical. That is Lindura wood flooring.

8 Ultra matt lacquer or

8 Ultra matt lacquer or natural oil – which one is right for me? Lindura® wood flooring HD 400 Arctic white natural oak 8917 / Brushed / Naturally oiled Wood is a natural raw material processed for Lindura with our special surface finish – a high-quality ultra matt lacquer or a natural oil. Both have their own advantages, which go far beyond visual effects! Here’s how to keep your flooring beautiful! Whether it’s oiled or ultra matt lacquered, wood flooring requires care products specially tuned to its properties. This is how you ensure that the flooring stays beautiful for longer and the protective surface film stays in the best condition. You can find all products and tips covering cleaning and care here: Lindura® wood flooring HD 400 Authentic chestnut brown oak 8911 / Brushed / Naturally oiled

9 Ultra matt lacquer Duratec Nature The ultra matt lacquer “Duratec Nature” penetrates moisture deep into every pore and is thus very low-maintenance and largely resistant to common stains and household chemicals. Ultra matt appearance, looks almost oiled Particularly stain-resistant Anti-fingerprint and anti-footprint effect Highly resistant against micro-scratches and wear Low-maintenance Natural oil Weartec® Nature Weartec Nature provides the wood with valuable oils and waxes, and forms a protective surface. Particularly natural look Breathable and moisture-regulating Can also be partially re-oiled In areas subject to heavy use (such as hallways or kitchens) and commercial areas, an initial clean is required after installation ! PLEASE NOTE: - Regular care - Re-oiling according to the floor’s usage is necessary to preserve its value; generally once a year (and more often in heavily used areas such as in kitchens)

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