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Lindura® wood flooring

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Lindura® – The wood flooring revolution Sustainable. Robust. Practical. That is Lindura wood flooring.

Conserves resources. 8

Conserves resources. 8 times less wood Thanks to its special product structure, the Lindura wood flooring surfaces only require about an eighth of the amount of wood compared to conventional multi-layer parquet flooring. PEFCcertified Wood from sustainable forestry For Lindura, we exclusively use PEFC-certified wood. Energy-saving Even with floating installations on a hot water underfloor heating system, Lindura boasts very low thermal resistance (0.084 m²K/W; in conjunction with the MEISTER-Silence 25 dB insulating underlay). This means that the flooring does not insulate the warmth; instead, the warmth is released quickly and with minimal loss into the room.

7 Indent-resistant The covering layer reinforced with Wood powder withstands heavy use! ANTI- BACTERIAL SURFACE Lab test: Metal ball with 4,000 N pressure Standard parquet Robust Water-resistant Thanks to their AquaStop edge impregnation, Lindura planks are suitable for humid rooms! Lindura wood flooring The Lindura surface is antibacterial and is suited to both living spaces subject to heavy wear and commercial spaces (e.g. shops and hotel rooms). The ultra matt lacquered variant in particular offers permanent protection against normal household stains and micro-scratches with little maintenance required * . * Micro-scratches are small scratches on the lacquered surface that do not penetrate through to the real wood layer. Rocks your everyday.

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