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High-tech flooring or genuine natural materials? Lindura wood flooring is a fascinating combination of the two. The secret is our innovative wood powder technology that turns a simple floor covering into truly high-tech wooden flooring.

14 Perfect care for

14 Perfect care for Lindura! Have you heard that wood flooring is difficult to clean and requires intensive maintenance? That’s only partly true: With our products precisely tailored for Lindura wood flooring, cleaning and maintenance are incredibly easy – so you can enjoy your flooring for a long time to come! 1 First clean after installation Once the floor has been installed, you have to subject it to a thorough clean before it is used for the first time (‘cleaning after construction work’). In doing so you remove the dirt and dust caused by the installation and prepare the floor for future use. To clean naturally oiled Lindura wood flooring, use Dr. Schutz Wood Care diluted with water in a ratio of 1:200. To clean lacquered Lindura flooring, use Dr. Schutz Parquet and Cork Floor Cleaner. The floor should be wiped damp using a lint free cloth, which has been dipped in this solution and wrung out well. For commercial areas and areas which are particularly highly frequented, such as hallways, kitchens and open-plan living areas with direct access to outdoors, we recommend subsequent treatment with a suitable care oil for naturally oiled surfaces. 2 Regular cleaning Normal vacuum cleaning or sweeping is perfectly adequate to remove everyday dirt. For regular cleaning and care, please use Dr. Schutz Wood Care or Dr. Schutz Parquet and Cork Floor Cleaner diluted with water in a ratio of 1:200. Wipe the floor damp using a lint free cloth, which has been dipped in this solution and wrung out well, as with cleaning after construction work. 3 Refreshing and re-oiling (approx. once a year) To keep your naturally oiled Lindura wood floor looking beautiful for a long time, we recommend refreshing it with Dr. Schutz H 2 Oil as soon as the first signs of wear appear. If the floor has just a normal level of dirt, clean it beforehand using Dr. Schutz Wood Care (1:200); it is best to use a disk buffing machine for larger areas. Ask your retailer about hiring one! After the floor has dried completely, apply Dr. Schutz H 2 Oil undiluted very thinly and evenly using a lint free mop. Leave the area to dry for at least 12 hours before use. For highly frequented areas, we recommend regularly reapplying a suitable care oil. To preserve the quality of lacquered and matt lacquered surfaces, we recommend using Dr. Schutz Wood & Cork Floor Polish matt.

15 Bona Recoat System No need for sanding: Overnight flooring renovation The traditional process of sanding down flooring the way you would with parquet is not possible with Lindura wood flooring, due to its extremely hard real wood covering layer pressed with wood powder. But Lindura can also be renovated, if necessary. The oiled surface of naturally oiled floors can be easily renovated (see item 3, ‘Refreshing and re-oiling’, above). For less severe damage, partial re-oiling is also an option. Matt lacquered Lindura wood flooring is very easy to renovate. The Bona Recoat System makes the renovation of ageing flooring fast and cost-effective. This system does not involve the time-consuming stripping of the entire surface down to the raw wood; rather, only the top layer of lacquer is sanded down and resealed. This removes the residue from cleaning products, foot marks, and light scratches; the flooring is ready to use again the next day. Renovation with the Bona Recoat System: 1. Clean the floor thoroughly 2. Sand down the floor using the Bona Diamond System 3. Vacuum up/wipe up sawdust 4. Apply Bona Traffic HD with a roller You can find further information on renovating matt lacquered Lindura wood flooring on our MEISTER YouTube channel:

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