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Laminate flooring

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Robust, easy to maintain, totally trendy and yet timeless – you can find your perfect room-mate with our laminate flooring. And the best thing is: if you want it to it lasts a really long time. You’ll see: you’re definitely doing everything right with highquality laminate flooring from MEISTER.


8 Laminateflooring Premium Product structure Anti-static decor paper Diamond Pro ® surface Integrated soundabsorbing cushion (with the collections: Melango LD 300 | 25 S Melango LD 300 | 20 S Talamo LS 300 S Micala LD 200 S and Micala LC 200 S) Backing HDF middle layer AquaSafe

9 Laminate flooring: Success all-round Nature is a master of form and colour. Our claim for Premium laminate fl ooring from MEISTER is to get as close to this as possible. To do this we take the utmost care when developing our decor. We are only satisfi ed once you can no longer see the difference between the surfaces and real wood, stone or other natural models at fi rst glance. Structures specially coordinated to the individual surfaces ensure the greatest possible degree of natural reproduction. Yet our Premium laminate flooring is not only convincing in terms of looks. Their technical advantages make the special fl ooring experience perfect. Antistatic finish All Premium laminate fl ooring from MEISTER also has an antistatic finish. This minimises the development of static electricity on people to < 2 kV and thus protects against a lot of discharge on metal objects, e.g. when touching a door handle. Special » AquaSafe « HDF middle layer The high-density anti-swelling HDF middle layer with a weight of 890 kg/m³ is extremely pressure-mark resistant and the precise profi ling of the tongue/groove joint ensures a permanent join. Diamond Pro ® surface The special Diamond Pro surface provides special resistance against micro-scratches and abrasion and offers additional protection against wear.


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Laminate flooring
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