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Laminate flooring

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Robust, easy to maintain, totally trendy and yet timeless – you can find your perfect room-mate with our laminate flooring. And the best thing is: if you want it to it lasts a really long time. You’ll see: you’re definitely doing everything right with highquality laminate flooring from MEISTER.


6 Laminateflooring Classic Product structure Decor paper Overlay HDF middle layer Backing Integrated sound-absorbing cushion (with the collections: Classic LD 95 S | Classic LD 75 S Classic LC 75 S | Classic LC 55 S) Each layer of the MEISTER laminate fl ooring takes on specific tasks. This multi-layer structure‘s sophisticated interplay is responsible for our planks‘ inner and outer values. Many laminate fl oors from MEISTER are also available with an integrated sound-absorbing cushion. All fl oors are suitable for installation on subfl oors with controlled hot water underfl oor heating. LC 55

7 Laminate flooring: The easy to maintain feel-goodfloor What is laminate flooring? Laminate flooring has been the best selling hard fl oor covering for years and stands for easiness to clean and durability like no other fl oor. All-round uncomplicated fl ooring that requires very little attention and with which you keep a beautiful and resistant fl oor for many years to come – that’s a guarantee. Laminate flooring – truly ecological Laminate fl ooring is made 100% from natural resources, notably wood. The heart is a board made of compressed wood fi bres. On the underside there is a »backing« to stabilise it, and some fl oors have integrated insulation to prevent noise. On top is the laminate fl ooring’s »face«, the decor paper e.g. with authentic wood or stone effects or really creative designs. The top layer (the walking layer) consists of resistant melamine resin and gives the laminate fl ooring its incredible durability and ease of maintenance. Why does laminate flooring withstand so much? Laminate is one of the most robust flooring that exists. Thanks to layers stably bonded together you get a fl oor on which you can really live it up – and for many years to come. The laminate surface made from natural melamine resin effectively protects the fl oor against external infl uences – from children’s toys to pets’ claws.


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Laminate flooring
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