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Laminate flooring

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Robust, easy to maintain, totally trendy and yet timeless – you can find your perfect room-mate with our laminate flooring. And the best thing is: if you want it to it lasts a really long time. You’ll see: you’re definitely doing everything right with highquality laminate flooring from MEISTER.

10 Sound-absorbing

10 Sound-absorbing cushion All our Premium laminate flooring collections are also available with integrated sound-absorbing cushion. MEISTER processes a heavy, elastic soundabsorbing cushion made of high-quality PUR mineral blend (2.5 mm). This optimally reduces the noise levels and is also able to balance out minor unevenness in the fl oors. It creates a fi rm and fl at contact with the subfl oor and also counteracts the development of noise. Last but not least, the sturdy construction of our laminate planks makes a decisive contribution to noise reduction: Because the heavier and thicker a plank is, the more muffl ed and quieter it is to walk on. MEISTER laminate fl ooring with integrated noise reduction is thus really quiet under foot and creates an atmosphere of well-being in terms of acoustics, too. Easy to maintain and resistant to cleaning water Vacuum cleaning is perfectly adequate with everyday dirt. The surface does not have to be oiled or sealed in a time-consuming process, it remains beautiful for many years almost by itself. Cleaning even works without problems where fl oors are heavily soiled, because MEISTER laminate fl ooring is resistant to cleaning water – no swelling, no warping. The homogeneous surfaces does not allow humidity to penetrate and the specially developed and patented geometry of the click profi le ensures sealed joints. Precise and accurate fitting The high-quality technical production with frequent tool changes ensures optimal precision of fitting of the individual laminate planks. * Warranty according to the MeisterWerke warranty conditions at

11 No plasticisers This floor does not contain any phthalates and other plasticisers and is completely non-harmful to health. AquaSafe system All Premium laminate flooring from MEISTER is suitable for humid rooms*, as they have the comprehensive protection against humidity: AquaSafe system. This consists of three effective elements that protect the floor from any moisture penetrating: Surface protection The multi-layered and impregnated surfaces ensure effective protection against moisture. Floor protection at the edge The specially developed and patented geometry of the click mechanism that works with pretension guarantees that the profile is sealed tightly and permanently. Anti-swelling base board The » AquaSafe « effective anti-swelling board can largely prevent swelling in the event of contact with water. *So-called »humid rooms« are all rooms with higher but not permanent moisture and/or with periodically high humidity, e.g. bathrooms. This does not include outdoor areas and wet rooms, e.g. saunas, shower cubicles, steam rooms and rooms with a floor drain. Please note: Do not leave puddles of water/spills to dry on the surface but wipe up and wipe dry immediately (within 30 minutes). Extended warranty in living areas We are so convinced of the quality of our Premium laminate flooring that we give you an extra long warranty on it. Up to 25 years in living areas*.


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Laminate flooring
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