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Catalog MeisterDesign. next Edition M7

A new flooring standard! Quiet, water-resistant, perfect for healthy living – and that with a completely new surface brilliance! Design flooring MeisterDesign. next sets completely new standards when it comes to flooring. Not only is ‘vinyl flooring without vinyl’ PVC- and plasticiser-free, and with its dampening cork layer completely sustainable, it also comes with a particularly soft and elastic surface coating. This makes MeisterDesign. next the perfect match for sock and slipper haters and all those who prioritise comfort! And the best thing? Eight high-quality wood decors leave nothing to be desired visually!

6 Design flooring

6 Design flooring MeisterDesign. next Page 8 Viking oak 6890 | Wood effect Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Namib oak 6892 | Wood effect Cliff oak 6889 | Wood effect Casablanca oak 6414 | Wood effect Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Cracked Terra oak 6439 | Wood effect Madras oak 6891 | Wood effect Nova oak 6413 | Wood effect Page 17 Smoked oak 6893 | Wood effect

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