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Catalog MeisterDesign. next Edition M7

A new flooring standard! Quiet, water-resistant, perfect for healthy living – and that with a completely new surface brilliance! Design flooring MeisterDesign. next sets completely new standards when it comes to flooring. Not only is ‘vinyl flooring without vinyl’ PVC- and plasticiser-free, and with its dampening cork layer completely sustainable, it also comes with a particularly soft and elastic surface coating. This makes MeisterDesign. next the perfect match for sock and slipper haters and all those who prioritise comfort! And the best thing? Eight high-quality wood decors leave nothing to be desired visually!

20 A harmonious

20 A harmonious appearance – with floormatched skirting boards. You are right to want pure harmony in your own four walls, starting with the base. With skirting boards matching the shade or decor of the respective floor, you will easily achieve your goal. The balanced interaction between flooring and skirting board is rounded off by the decor being continued from skirting board to skirting board. This is how good perfect harmony looks. Skirting board 20 PK profile | Natural English oak 6983 | Wood effect Colourful and with character – skirting boards you can paint yourself. In the same colour as the wall? To match your furniture? Or something completely different? It’s up to you: design your skirting boards exactly according to your own wishes! Covered with a paintable film, these skirting boards are ideally prepared for the implementation of your personal ideas. Let your imagination run wild! Skirting board 9 PK profile | White paintable 2222 (individual colour)

21 Beautifully versatile: overview of skirting board profiles 25 12 6 12 Skirting board 2 PK profile Skirting board 3 PK profile Skirting board 5 PK profile Skirting board 6 profile Quarter round 7 profile Skirting board 8 PK profile Skirting board 9 PK profile Skirting board 10 PK profile 10 F MK profile Skirting board 11 PK profile 11 F MK profile Skirting board 12 PK profile 12 F MK profile Skirting board 13 PK profile Skirting board 14 MK profile 14 F MK profile 70 Skirting board 15 MK profile 15 F MK profile Skirting board 16 MK profile Skirting board 17 profile Skirting board 18 PK profile Skirting board 19 PK profile Skirting board 20 PK profile PK | MK profiles: Base material MDF (PK Aqua: base material ABS) Skirting board 20 PK Aqua profile Skirting board 21 F MK profile Skirting board 22 F MK profile F MK profiles: Base material spruce ‘How to’: Moulding accessories To ensure that even difficult corners and edges fit perfectly, MEISTER offers internal corners, external corners, end caps and connection pieces to match many mouldings. You can find the whole range at Here, you will also find an overview of the different profiles available for aligning adjacent floor coverings or French windows, suitable radiator rosettes, door stoppers and our recommended cleaning and protective care agents.

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