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Catalog MeisterDesign. next Edition M7

A new flooring standard! Quiet, water-resistant, perfect for healthy living – and that with a completely new surface brilliance! Design flooring MeisterDesign. next sets completely new standards when it comes to flooring. Not only is ‘vinyl flooring without vinyl’ PVC- and plasticiser-free, and with its dampening cork layer completely sustainable, it also comes with a particularly soft and elastic surface coating. This makes MeisterDesign. next the perfect match for sock and slipper haters and all those who prioritise comfort! And the best thing? Eight high-quality wood decors leave nothing to be desired visually!

18 For a perfect finish

18 For a perfect finish With MEISTER, you can be sure that everything matches! Underlay materials, skirting boards, profiles and ends – you get everything from one source. Making your MeisterDesign into a long-lasting integrated furnishing solution that suits you perfectly.

19 Open for all styles – white skirting boards. What does white have that other colours don’t? The openness to adapt to any style and the capability of supplementing all other colours without effort. For this reason, our skirting boards with white decor film add that little something to every interior design style and can be combined excellently with all flooring types. The large selection of different profile shapes opens up the opportunity to set both classic and modern highlights, depending on individual tastes. Skirting board 19 PK profile | Plain white gloss 324 (decorative film) Worry-free all round – the waterproof skirting boards. A waterproof floor offers you a worry-free all-round package in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. To ensure the whole floor system lasts, choose the waterproof skirting boards »Aqua« in white or stainless steel (decor film) to finish against the wall. This way, you will always be on the safe side. Skirting board 20 PK Aqua profile | Plain white gloss 324 (decorative film)

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