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84 DESIGNING LIVING SPACES | NADURA Pleasantly warm to the foot Due to the high share of wood fibres, body heat is drawn away slower than with ceramic or fine stoneware floors. Due to the share of mineral substances, Nadura floors are just as tough as stone or ceramic tiles. Easy to clean Red wine, oils and other liquids can permanently discolour the necessary cement joints between stone and ceramic tiles. They can be removed without a trace from the Nadura joints. Wet, coarse dirt can even be removed from the deeper surface structures as Nadura is extremely scrub and abrasion resistant. Extremely durable The high share of mineral substances gives the floor the toughness of a stone or ceramic tile. Whereas ceramic tiles split or crack when subject to impact, with Nadura only small dents or scratches result that can partly be repaired. A perfect look The embossed surface structures make Nadura floors look very realistic. Nadura is a natural product, each plank is a one-off.

DESIGNING LIVING SPACES | NADURA 85 Award-winning MEISTER Nadura Our tip for cleaning: Nadura | NB 400 | Slate anthracite 6332 | Imitation Use standard cleaning agents or laminate cleaning agents that do not leave behind a film. The floor should be wiped damp, if necessary, use a scrubbing brush. The CC Wood Floor Deep Clean can be used in the event of stubborn dirt.

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