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MEISTER Designing living spaces EN ROW

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54 DESIGNING LIVING SPACES | DESIGN FLOORING CLASSIC Flexible. Compact. Easy to clean. Do you like modern design? But comfortable nevertheless? Then the Classic design flooring is the right choice for you. Design flooring is uncomplicated flooring and is made for healthy and beautiful living. Modern surfaces meet innovative production technologies here. As a result, floors are created that more than meet all the requirements for perfect design, strength and durability. From » Cinnamon Oak « to » White Island « there are floors in 8 thrilling, beautiful and trendy decors and two different widths – real design flooring in fact. Design flooring Classic | DD 85 | Ceramica 6979 | Decor | Stone pore structure

DESIGNING LIVING SPACES | DESIGN FLOORING CLASSIC 55 Design flooring Classic | DD 75 | White Island 6961 | Decor | Wood finish matt structure And it doesn’t just look good! Classic design flooring is extremely warm to the foot and therefore not just the very first choice for children’s bedrooms. Renovators will love it too: as extremely thin flooring Classic design flooring fits into any room. Annoying and laborious trimming of doors and frames is therefore unnecessary in many cases.Classic design flooring, in contrast to many vinyl floors, is perfect for installing on existing subfloors, for example tiles. Subfloors do not show through thanks to the special stable AquaSafe board. See for yourself: this floor is really very simple! And at the same time good for you, your home and the environment. Classic design flooring does not use any PVC or harmful plasticisers at all and is therefore a healthy living alternative to many vinyl floors – the Blue Angel confirms this. On top of all this, the floor is hygienic and hypoallergenic thanks to easy cleaning. The SilentTouch ® - technology The Classic design flooring surface is produced using the innovative, patented SilentTouch ® technology and is therefore extremely elastic, quiet, durable and easy to clean.

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