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Top performance. Wood is

Top performance. Wood is a valuable, natural resource that we transform into something really special with total respect and a sensitive touch. Our surface finishes with high quality oils or lacquers accentuate the respective wood’s character and provide it with permanent protection. Naturally oiled Lindura wood flooring Matt lacquered Lindura wood flooring Matt lacquer really brings out the wood’s character. The wood receives a warm, natural look from this. The environmentally friendly Duratec lacquer seal on the Lindura wood flooring is extremely durable and easy to clean. The entire composition consists of a formaldehyde-free, UV-hardened and ecologically non-harmful acrylic lacquer. This lacquer is particularly hard as, unlike with other parquet flooring, it does not have to be taken into account that the floor may possibly be sanded down. Natural oils and waxes are the basis for our naturally oiled Lindura surfaces. Weartec ® Nature penetrates deep into the wood and forms a protective, breathable surface. This kind of finish creates a natural appearance with subtle brilliance, emphasises the grain as well as structure, regulates humidity and ensures a healthy living climate. All Lindura floors with Weartec ® Nature finish are treated ready for residential use and do not have to be treated with oil after installation. However, the naturally oiled surface does require a regular polish, which gives the floor a natural shine and ensures exceptional resistance. If required, it can be partly refinished.

DESIGNING LIVING SPACES | LINDURA 47 What actually does » grading « mean? In nature no one tree is like another and even within one tree the wood can have various different types of looks. Exactly the same applies to parquet and Lindura wood flooring too: every single plank is characterised by its structure, play on colours as well as surface treatment and finish. Resulting in different looking floors that significantly shape the overall impression of a room. Lively Natural For the » natural « grading we choose surfaces with a balanced play on colours. Healthy tightly intergrown knots and occasional cracks are part of the floor’s overall natural look. The wood powder technology ensures perfectly filled cracked knots and cracks. In this grading we deliberately offer surfaces with strong colours and structures, which emphasise the wood‘s natural character. Healthy distinctive knots and splints are part of the overall lively image. Cracked knots and cracks are – just like the grading » natural «- filled perfectly using wood powder technology. Rustic This grading provides a rustic appearance with an interesting play on colours and structures. Healthy distinctive knots are not limited in their diameter or frequency.The natural and raw character of the floor is emphasised by larger knots and varying degrees of cracks, which are individually filled using wood powder technology.

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