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44 High-tech meets

44 High-tech meets nature Lindura not only scores due to its stylish look. The technical properties are also impressive. Robust Lindura loves challenges and even takes high heels at a party in its stride. Durable Award-winning MEISTER Lindura A comparison test in our laboratory clearly shows: a metal ball dropped with 4,000 newtons of pressure leaves behind a clearly visible dent on standard parquet. With Lindura wood floors there are hardly any traces to be seen. Easy to clean Regularly cleaning Lindura is the easiest thing imaginable with care products from MEISTER! Simply dilute the right product from the MEISTER parquet care range for naturally oiled or lacquered surfaces in water for maintenance cleaning. Regular re-oiling is recommended to preserve the quality of a naturally oiled Lindura surface. Healthy living Lindura is a natural product. All the materials used are selected carefully and are subject to regular tests in our labs. The installed floor regulates humidity and ensures a healthy living climate. It is particularly hygienic thanks to it being easy to clean and maintain. As a result this high-tech wooden floor allows for environmentally friendly and healthy living. Energy-saving Thanks to the special product structure, Lindura’s thermal resistance is particularly low at 0.084 m² K/W combined with the MEISTER Silence 25 DB insulating underlay. With a floating installation, the floor covering on top of a hot water underfloor heating should also not exceed the limit of 0.15m²K/W laid down by regulations* in order to quickly transport the heat supplied to the surface. * Federal Association of Surface Heating and Surface Cooling e. V.

DESIGNING LIVING SPACES | LINDURA 45 Our care advice for Lindura flooring First clean after installation Once the floor has been installed, you have to subject it to a thorough clean before it is used for the first time (» cleaning after construction work «). In doing so you remove the dirt and dust caused by the installation and prepare the floor for future use. To clean naturally oiled Lindura wood flooring use CC Wood Care diluted with water in a ratio of 1:200. To clean matt lacquered Lindura use the CC Wood and Cork Floor Cleaner. The floor should be wiped damp using a lint free cloth, which has been dipped in this solution and wrung out well. For commercial areas and areas which are particularly highly frequented, we recommend subsequent treatment with a suitable care oil for naturally oiled surfaces. Regular cleaning Normal vacuum cleaning or sweeping is perfectly adequate to remove everyday dirt. For regular cleaning and care please use CC Wood Care or CC Wood and Cork Floor Cleaner diluted with water in a ratio of 1:200. Wipe the floor damp using a lint free cloth, which has been dipped in this solution and wrung out well, as with cleaning after construction work. Refreshing and re-oiling (approx. once a year) We recommend refreshing your naturally oiled MEISTER Longlife parquet with CC H2Oil to keep it looking beautiful for a long time as soon as the first signs of wear appear. If the floor has just a normal level of dirt clean it beforehand using CC Wood Care (1:200), it is best to use a disk buffing machine with larger areas. Ask your retailer about hiring one! After the floor has dried completely, apply CC H 2 Oil undiluted very thinly and evenly using a lint free mop. Leave the area to dry for at least 12 hours before use. To preserve the quality of matt lacquered surfaces we recommend using CC Wood and Cork Floor Polish matt. Alternatively, the Osmo products are available for naturally oiled floors too (Osmo Wash and Care, Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, Osmo Polyx ® Oil 3062 matt).

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