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26 Panels Perfect accessories for the perfect finish! Installing panels from MEISTER is a simple matter. To make sure that your corners, ends and transitions are all perfect, MEISTER offers the perfect accessory programme – from cover mouldings to corner mouldings. 1 2 3 4 8 5 6 7 Further information on the MEISTER accessories:

Panels 27 Ceiling edging Ceiling edging guarantees clean edging for walls and ceilings. Rounded ceiling edging Rounded ceiling edging is modern design ceiling edging. Square shaped ceiling edging As a result of its linear shape, the square shaped ceiling edging is very modern. Border moulding The border moulding‘s shape and dimensions are like that of a small hinged moulding strip. It covers butt joints that run between different materials (panels, borders, etc.) on the same level. Hinged moulding strip The hinged moulding strips are ideal for all corner solutions between 10° and 270°, e.g. sloping roofs or inner corners. Scotia moulding Scotia moulding can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. as a corner connection with panelling and as a skirting board. 3,5 Corner moulding Corner mouldings are the ideal corner connections for 90° outer corners. They can be attached in combination with wood panelling or inserted in the groove. Angled cover moulding Cover moulding The cover moulding is the perfect finish for many areas in interior design, e.g. stairwells, halfheight panelling, door cladding, roof windows and the sides of ceiling panelling, which are not laid wall-to-wall.

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