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2 Panels Decorative panels Terra | DP 150 | Polar white 079 | Wood effect Cover: Panels Classic | Bocado 200 | Opaque white oak 4069 | Wood effect

Panels 3 System panels Nova | SP 300 | Concrete 4045 | Imitation Panels: inspired interior design for walls and ceilings Panels are home classics that constantly reinvent themselves. Panels accentuate your very personal lifestyle as perfect interior design always includes the walls and ceilings. They are extremely versatile and can highlight individual parts of walls and ceilings or large areas. They help hide anything you don’t want to show with renovations and loft conversions. For example, wonky walls. Or masonry cracks that are often harmless but not very pleasing to the eye. Mood lighting is also not a problem with panels. And to top everything off, cleaning is also not a problem with easy to clean and wipeable surfaces. Making walls and ceilings real eye-catchers with a great comfort factor. Panels Classic | Bocado 200 Plain white gloss DF 324 | Decor

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