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12 What do

12 What do ‘lacquered’ and ‘naturally oiled’ actually mean? Wood is a valuable, natural resource that we transform into something really special with total respect and a sensitive touch. Our surface finishes with high quality oils or lacquers accentuate the respective wood's character and provide it with permanent protection. lacquered The lacquer is a special surface treatment that makes our Longlife parquet extremely durable and easy to clean. The Duratec Plus lacquer seal consists of seven layers in total; the mixture of lacqueres in the individual layers and their order takes into account that parquet flooring may possibly need to be sanded down. The entire construction consists of a formaldehyde-free, UV-hardened and ecologically non-harmful acrylic lacquer. The lacquer is available in three looks, lacquered, high-gloss lacquered and matt lacquered. Lacquered floors have an elegant, slightly glossy surface. The high-gloss lacquer looks extremely luxurious; matt lacquer, on the other hand, really brings out the best in many woods, lending them a warm, natural look. high-gloss lacquered

13 naturally oiled lacquered Natural oils and waxes are the basis for our Longlife parquet's naturally oiled surfaces. Weartec ® Nature penetrates deep into the wood and forms a protective, breathable surface. This kind of finish creates a natural appearance with subtle brilliance, emphasises the grain as well as structure, has a moisture-regulating effect and ensures a healthy living climate. All Longlife parquet floors with a Weartec ® Nature surface are treated so that they are ready for residential use. After installation, they only need to be treated with care oil if they are located in co mmercial areas or areas where they are subjected to heavy use (such as hallways or kitchens). However, the naturally oiled surface does require regular care to give the floor a natural shine and ensure exceptional resistance. It can be re-oiled and partly refinished without any sanding down, if needed. matt lacquered naturally oiled


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