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Lindura wood flooring

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62 Open to all styles

62 Open to all styles – white skirting boards. What does white have that other colours don't have? Openness that adapts to any style and the ability to effortlessly complement all other colours. That is why our skirting boards with white decorative film enrich any living style and can be superbly combined with all floors. The large selection of different profile shapes enables you to also create classical and modern touches totally to your taste. Skirting board 8 PK profile | Plain white gloss 324 (decorative film) Skirting board 19 PK profile | Plain white gloss 324 (decorative film)

63 Colourful and with plenty of character – skirting boards you can paint yourself. In the colour of your wall? To match your furniture? Or completely different? It's up to you: design your skirting boards totally according to your own ideas! Covered in a film that can be painted, these mouldings are the perfect canvas for you to realise your artistic vision. Let your creativity run wild! Skirting board 8 PK profile | White, can be painted 2222 (individual colour) A balanced look – harmonious skirting boards. You quite rightly would like pure harmony within your own four walls, and that’s from the ground up. You can achieve this effortlessly with skirting boards coordinated to the colour or decor of your floor. The balanced interplay between the floor and moulding is rounded off by the impressively consistent decor from moulding to moulding. This is how good perfect harmony looks. Skirting board 3 PK profile | Golden brown oak 1165


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