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Lindura wood flooring

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20 What does

20 What does ‘grading’ actually mean? Rustic Authentic This grading provides a rustic appearance with an interesting play on colours and structures. Isolated sapwood elements and healthy distinctive knots are not limited in their diameter or frequency. The natural and raw character of the floor is emphasised by larger knots and varying degrees of cracks, which are individually filled using wood powder technology. Lindura wood flooring | HD 400 | Rustic oak 8410 | brushed | naturally oiled This grading creates an authentic look that comes very close to the look of rustic grading. A variety of hues and structures, isolated sapwood elements and healthy knots are not limited in their diameter or frequency and create an authentic and natural look. Cracked knots and cracks are filled using wood powder technology. The deep brushing creates a whole new surface feel and rounds off the natural, authentic overall look. Lindura wood flooring | HD 400 | Authentic oak 8739 | brushed | matt lacquered

21 In nature no one tree is like another and even within one tree the wood can have various different types of looks. Exactly the same applies to parquet and Lindura wood flooring too: Every single plank is characterised by its structure, variety of hues, and surface treatment and finish, resulting in differentlooking floors that significantly shape the overall impression of a room. Lively Natural In this grading we deliberately offer surfaces with strong colours and structures, which emphasise the wood's natural character. Healthy distinctive knots and splints are part of the overall lively image. Like in the ‘Natural’ grading, cracked knots and cracks are filled perfectly using wood powder technology. Lindura wood flooring | HD 400 | Oak lively 8738 | brushed | matt lacquered For the ‘Natural’ grading, we chose surfaces with a balanced variety of hues. Healthy tightly intergrown knots and occasional cracks are part of the floor’s overall natural look. The wood powder technology ensures perfectly filled cracked knots and cracks. Lindura wood flooring | HD 400 | Natural oak 8736 | brushed | matt lacquered


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