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50 The complete system

50 The complete system counts: Which underlay for which MeisterDesign variant? Without good underlay, it’s not a good floor. The underlay has a great influence on the durability of the flooring and is an important component of the functioning of the entire system as far as day-to-day wear is concerned. Premium quality flooring may suffer damage when laid on poor quality underlay. Whereas high quality underlay ensures long enjoyment of your flooring, by preventing damage to the click connections, for example, with the ideal pressure stability. Excessively soft underlay can have a significantly negative effect on fold-down connections, for example. When choosing underlay, both the floor to be installed and the subsurface are important. No matter whether for concrete floors, wooden floorboards, drywall constructions or existing flooring, such as tiles or stone: with a comprehensive underlay range, MEISTER ensures that every MEISTER floor can be laid on the appropriate subsurface. SilenceGrip Silence 25 DB with integrated vapour barrier Silence 20 Silence 15 DB with integrated vapour barrier PE-Folie MeisterDesign. comfort insulating underlay integrated for mineral subsurfaces MeisterDesign. flex – P P P for mineral subsurfaces MeisterDesign. life P – – – – MeisterDesign. pro full-surface bonding

51 The MEISTER underlay materials: Thanks to the special PUR mineral blend, MEISTER-Silence 25 DB, MEISTER-Silence 20 or MEISTER-Silence 15 DB are the ideal insulating underlay for effective room and footfall noise reduction. The high self-weight of the products also has a positive effect on the sound-absorbing properties. In the case of Silence 25 DB and 15 DB the vapour barrier is already integrated, which means the laying of an additional PE-film is no longer necessary on mineral subsurfaces. The insulating underlay MEISTER-SilenceGrip is a 1.5 mm thick underlay made of a PUR mineral blend with non-slip effect and was especially developed for floor coverings with a solid, elastic and synthetic core with click system. The underlay fulfils the increased requirements of the technical bulletin issued by the MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association) for Class 2 floor coverings. All MEISTER underlay materials can be installed on underfloor heating. They comply with the technical bulletin provided by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) based on CEN/TS 16354. The Silence products also meet the requirements of the technical bulletin issued by the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association (MMFA) »Underlay Materials under Multilayer Modular Floor Coverings (MMF) – Test Standards and Performance Indicators« for Class 1 (with HDF-core). 1. MEISTER-SilenceGrip | 1.5 mm 2. MEISTER-Silence 25 DB with integrated vapour barrier | 3 mm 3. MEISTER-Silence 20 | 2.5 mm 4. MEISTER-Silence 15 DB with integrated vapour barrier | 2 mm 5. PE-film (vapour barrier)


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